About Dr. Shank

Dr. Shank has 30 years of experience in serving southern California, including working as the company chiropractor for Liam Harney’s CelticFusion dance troupe. He is also a fellow of the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture.

Dr. Shank’s unique background includes studying with the following masters:

  • Dr. Richard Van Rumpt, founder and developer of DNFT (Directional Non-force Technique), the original full body non-force/gentle chiropractic techniques
  • Iona Teegarden, founder of Jin Shin Do, a healing Shiatsu-style of relaxation therapy
  • Abraham Lui, Tai Chi Grandmaster with continued studies with Tai Chi Master Chris Luth
  • Dr. Raymond Nimmo, author and originator of “Advanced Trigger Point Therapy Techniques”
  • Taoist Sanctuary masters in the arts of Kung Fu, Tai Chi, energy healing, acupressure, acupuncture, and Qi Gung/Nui Gung
  • Master Share K. Lew from Tao An Pai monastery in China; healing techniques, personal energy, and medicinal exercise

More from Dr. Shank:

“Some of us just don’t feel comfortable with that cracking sound, so even though a standard chiropractic adjustment/manipulation is a great thing, it is not a requirement to be my patient. Combinations of non-force/non-noisy adjustments, specific muscle treatment, such as sports massage, acupressure, manual traction, stretching, and other physical medicine methods are my style for most patients. For other patients, a relaxing or sports massage is just what the doctor ordered.

Over the course of 30 years, I’ve learned that it is not merely about using one’s knowledge. It is essential to use that knowledge, along with heart, intuition, and the skill of my hands to bring each person back to health and wellness. In short it is my deep desire to help you feel better! You really can say goodbye to pain and exhaustion and welcome a healthier, happier YOU. Don’t you think you deserve that?”

My greatest passion is helping people regain their health and wellness and eliminating pain (from the source) so you can live the life you were meant to live.

I am compassionate and I love what I do. Your health is important to me and I want great results for you. I am good at what I do and I do what I do because I care. You will find out more when we talk about what is BEST for YOU!”

Dr. Shank’s flexible schedule includes week days, evenings, and weekend appointments at his office in Del Mar.

Contact Dr. Shank (858-481-8282) today to begin your journey to health, wellness, and well-being.


One Response to About Dr. Shank

  1. I am recovering from a neck fracture and torn ligiments from a surfing injury that happened Aug. 13 of this year. My recovery has beed fast as i am and was in very good shape when the injury occured. My fast recovery, however, has been a bit of a double edge sword as I have been pushing a little beyond what my healing wants me to go. I recently experienced some bad pain in my lower back and hips and after my regular traditional chiropractic adjustment, decded i needed a massage and found Dr. Larry through MindBodyPertnerships which I had purchased a package of massages from at Fiesta Del Sol. Dr. Larry was the closest massage therapist on the list at the time so I scheduled an appointment with him for that evening thinking I was just going to get your typical massage. What I found instead was this incredible healer who did a totally different kind of massage, accupressure and energy treatment that was beyond amazing! I walked out of there after the first treatment pain free and was able to surf 2 hours the next day with no reprocussions to my neck after the session! Since I was allowed back in the water after my injury, I have not been able to sutf more than an hour with out some stiffness.
    Today I had a second treatment with Dr. Larry and again walked out of there feeling incredible! He not only continued to work in my neck and back, he aleviated another issue I was dealing with, very upset intestional track from eating something bad yesterday.
    This man is a TRUE HEALER and really knows what he is doing!
    I highly recomend him to any and everyone who wants to improve on and aspect of their health!!!!
    Kathy Wilder

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