“I have been using my heart and my hands to help people feel better since before I was in high school and since then I have been blessed with fantastic teachers. I have treated dancers and musicians when I traveled as Company Chiropractor/Dr. Fixit with a dance troupe of world class athletes, chronic pain patients, as well as the headaches, neck pains, leg, foot, arm, hand, shoulder, low back and other body pains, and the stress  everyone has way too much of these days. I work with one patient at a time and I treat people the way I would like to be treated.

Please read the testimonials from some of my patients below and come see for yourself how I can help you feel better.

Don’t you deserve to feel better?

To your health and wellness,”

Dr. Shank

Provides pain relief and is more than a chiropractor

“If you believe that quality of life is important, go see Dr. Larry Shank.  While there is no cure for my autoimmune disease, Dr. Shank’s healing touch has given me the only real relief that I have ever found from the searing muscle, joint and tendon pains, and sometimes muscle tension headaches, that accompany my autoimmune disease.  Dr. Shank has seen me through many painful flare-ups, and my visits with him make a very real change in how I feel physically, making it possible for me to have a much better life by breaking the cycle of pain and muscle tension, and by restoring ease of movement.

Dr. Shank is kind, caring, trustworthy, intuitive, and knowledgeable. Working from his home, Dr. Shank provides treatment in a functional, but non-medical setting, which I find to be more pleasant than an appointment in a medical office.  Because he works from home and because he is committed to helping his patients, Dr. Shank has seen me numerous times on weekends, evenings, or short notice, which I found invaluable, especially when I was in pain. My experience is that he has been able to make an enormous change in my pain levels.

Dr. Shank is much more than a chiropractor. He is highly skilled at using non-force methods.  His studies of energetics, acupuncture, acupressure, and Chinese and Japanese medicine, and his unusual talent have given him unique tools with which to approach treating his patients, and I have never met anyone else remotely like him. I have seen many professionals, including many wonderful Park Avenue doctors, but Dr. Shank is the person who has ever been able to make such a difference in the quality of my life.”

 ~KH, Rancho Sante Fe, CA

Provides healing massage and is a true healer

“A True Healer. I have been going to Dr. Shank on and off for 20 years and he is amazing! He spends the time to truly make you better. It is like an hour long deep tissue healing massage. He knows how to get your body back in sync. I am always amazed at how much I “crack” back into alignment because he knows just how to move your body. I highly recommend Larry!”

~Betty, October 29, 2010

Truly cares

“Dr. Shank is probably the 6th chiropractor I’ve seen in San Diego alone.  My job as a dental hygienist pretty much requires me to seek therapy to be able to function.  Each chiropractor has their own style and philosophy and it’s about finding what works for you.  While I haven’t had a personal problem with any of the previous chiropractors I’ve seen, none have impressed me as much as Dr. Shank.  As Lindsey W. said, I feel like he really truly cares about you as a patient enough to customize each visit to tailor it to your individual needs.  Also, he has so much experience that it’s obvious he knows what he’s doing.

My sister gave me a gift card to Mind Body Partnerships, and since it’s been over a year since I’ve seen I chiropractor, I was thankful to have a reason and a way to seek treatment!  I chose him initially because he coupled an acupressure massage with a consultation and adjustment all in the first appointment!  A lot of the chiropractors I’ve seen will do an exam and take x-rays at the initial visit and make you come back for actual help.  Since I benefit greatly from massage, I was excited that I would be receiving both! Especially acupressure!  This was something I had never seen or experienced from a chiropractor.

He has a home office, so it’s not as intimidating (to me) as going to a huge chiropractic care center with big equipment and machinery. Most of the work is done with his hands alone and he is very good at what he does!  I appreciated that he tailored the acupressure massage to my particular needs and that allowed me to be relaxed and “loosened up” for the adjustment.  I left the first visit feeling like a million bucks and went back the next week for another!

As a bonus, he talked to me about diet, exercise and emotional health in a way that was not preach-y or uncomfortable.  He just has a lot of knowledge that he’s willing to share and I certainly learned a lot from just those two appointments!  I also appreciated his holistic approach.  I wish I could see him every week!  If you want a chiropractor who won’t pressure you into a high dollar treatment plan and won’t rush you through an appointment; who is very skilled in the field of chiropractic care, I highly recommend Dr. Shank!”

~Cassandra W, March 18, 2011

Provides safe and gentle relief with acupressure

“I went to see Dr. Larry Shank because of a few reasons. I was having a terrible day, I was having digestive issues that were making my attitude more down in the dumps, and my body felt completely out of whack. Not to mention I had never tried ACUPRESSURE before so I wanted to try a new experience!

He was very welcoming and very polite. He spends time really getting to know you and why you are feeling the way you are. I loved that he does understand the importance of addressing the real base of the issue and not just curing ‘symptoms.’

Acupressure treatment was interesting and by the most simple methods he was targeting areas of very high tension. He is good at what he does! How could he not be though? He has been doing this for so long and knows many different areas in the wellness field.

I felt great after and he really took his time on me without being concerned about going over time. He wanted to make sure I felt better! He even was able to give me a stomach massage to ease digestive issues.

He targets what YOU need help on and not just what he ‘THINKS’ everyone needs. We are all different and he is very aware of that fact.


~Lindsey W, Jan. 17, 2011

Provided pain and stress relief and more!

“Dr. Shank is one of a kind! Never have I met a doctor so concerned with the well-being of his patients and so available to be seen and talked to. As a competitive tennis player, I constantly tweak parts of my body that cause me pain. Every time I visit Larry, he solves my aches and pains and explains to me exactly what to do to prevent them. He cares so much about his patients and takes his time with each of them. He not only relieves my pain, but relieves my stress and I always leave feeling like a new person. I highly recommend him to everyone.”

~Hap, Feb. 2, 2011

Provides pain and stress relief

“Dr. Shank truly has healing hands and has helped me with a continuous knee problem that has caused me pain for years. He always works my whole body into sync and releases my stress. I always leave feeling completely rejuvenated and good as new. I’ve been to many chiropractors in the past and Dr. Shank is the only one who can solve my pain. He is professional, nurturing, and an overall great person.”

~Karen, Jan. 28, 2011

Helps with injury recovery

“I’ve been playing in different competitive sports for years and every time I injure myself, I always go to see Dr. Shank and I always leave feeling better. A life saver.”

~Mark, Jan. 14, 2011

Helps relax and recover from injuries

“I see Dr. Larry regularly, mostly for massage. I love it. I’m so relaxed when he’s finished. He has also helped with some injuries along the way.”

~M.F., Horsewoman, hunter/jumper

Helps with surgery recovery

“In the mid 80’s I had a serious accident that seriously damaged my spine and changed my life forever. A long and tedious struggle culminated with double major reconstructive spine surgery in 2007 and Larry was integral in helping me cope with the effects and consequences of that. I consider him to be the “anti chiropractor” because it is about so much more than “crack, crack, thank you very much!” Post surgery (successful I might add!) he has kept me balanced and in tune and is an invaluable asset in keeping me “in the game!”

~Drufus, Jan. 10, 2011

Is an integrated medicine miracle worker

Larry defines “integrated medicine.” I have been treated for back and neck pain for over 35 years and will emphatically say that Dr. Larry Shank works miracles. His approach of integrating all of his vast experience, techniques and best practices into each and every patient and appointment make Larry stand out as a true healer and caring physician. I recommend Larry to friends and family and consider any who get to see him fortunate for the experience.”

~ N Berl, Nov. 17, 2010, Del Mar, CA

Is my only doctor – the best for regaining strength, agility, & well-being

“One of the best you’ll ever find!

I have known Dr. Shank for well over 25 years. When I first came to him, I was working as a bartender and running myself ragged. I knew I had Scoliosis and had managed to keep the pain at bay. But my work and my lifestyle had begun to take their toll. Dr. Shank began to teach me about my body and help me regain my strength, agility and well-being. It wasn’t long before I was back to my usual chippy self and doing all the things I’d always loved doing.

Over the course of many years, Dr. Shank was my ONLY doctor. Even when there was nothing “wrong”, I’d go see him for what I liked to call “tune-ups”. This practice kept me from ever needing to see a ‘medical’ doctor. It’s all about prevention! Dr. Shank has unusual skills for a “doctor of chiropractic.” That is to say, he uses many different techniques, all specific to the individual. It is, without question, one of the things that make him such an exceptional doctor. I highly recommend Dr. Shank to anyone who wishes to return to the wellness that is their birthright. He has an extraordinary gift and he shares it with anyone who comes through his door. You won’t be sorry.”

~C.  Strate, Valley Center, CA

Has been my doctor for 20 years and has the best hands ever known!

“I have been a patient of Dr. Shank for almost 20 years. During that time he has been a true professional whether working out of his office or his home, as he does now. Do not be put off by appearances as they may fool you.

I have referred family members and friends who have all benefited from his expertise and knowledge.

He has the best HANDS I have ever known. His knowledge of our human body and it’s interconnecting parts is amazing. He has knowledge that goes beyond the “typical” chiropractor. He adapts his therapy to meet the needs of his patients. Whether it be manipulation, acupressure, homeopathy, or massage.

I have run a health care facility for 20 years. I trust him implicitly.

I accept that you will contact him with your individual problems and I know, without a doubt, that you will find a kindred ground that will find a solution to your problem.

Rest assured,”

~P. King

Keeps me working

“Larry keeps me working. I fly a lot and airplane seats….yuk. Larry unwinds me when I get home. If I could bottle him I would.”

~D.J., Entertainment Industry, La Costa, CA

Improves my performance and more

“I see Dr. Larry regularly. It keeps me relaxed, flexible and improves my performance in my work and in my running.”

~N. B., Financial Planner/Broker, Del Mar, CA

Keeps me dancing!

 “Larry keeps me dancing.”

~L.H., World Champion Irish Step Dancer and Choreographer

Takes his time and follows up

“Larry is amazing!! Unlike most chiropractors who crack and you’re out in 5 minutes, he takes his time, determines what would be best for you on the given day and is very thorough. He also follows up to see how you are after the visit. I recommend everyone go see him!”

~Kiv, Jan. 27, 2011

Brings me back to wellness

“A terrific experience! Dr. Shank is a master at his chosen practice. He’s one of the rare practitioners who actually LISTENS to his patients. No matter what your issues, Dr. Shank can help you find your way back to wellness.”

~ Camille, Strate Valley Center, CA


2 Responses to Testimonials

  1. JA says:

    Dr. Shank relieved my entire back not only correcting out of whack bone structure, but actually getting down to the muscle and working down the tightness and tenderness and fix the root of the problem. I have had nothing but great experiences.

  2. Kathy Alward says:

    I will always be grateful to Dr. Larry Shank. I am sincere when I say he saved my life, because I believe this to be true. I have had two stomach surgeries in the last 5 years, and my surgeons instructed that I should not eat bread and sugar. I was going through a time of many transitional changes, and I started “stress” eating. I was in denial, and I gained 10 pounds in a short period of time. I started feeling sick to my stomach, headaches, my elbows were hurting badly, and my heart was actually aching. I called Dr. Shank and he saw me within 30 minutes. He spoke with me and listened to me about why I had been eating incorrectly, and he helped me to come to terms with the fact that if I want to stay alive, especially due to my health history, then I must eat corrrectly. He applied gentle pressure to my elbows and I actually felt my heart open up. I am convinced that I was dangerously close to a heart attack. I will always remember what Dr. Shank taught me. He is a great doctor and healer. I higlhly recommend Dr. Larry Shank.

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